2015 Appeal

Appeal 2015

Total Raised £3,700:00
Paypal donations can be made to jblear@tiscali.co.uk

Provincial Grand Primo 2015 – Bro John Lear ROH

1. The Harbour Cancer Trust
Click Here to see what they do.

2. KIDS Centre Fareham
Click Here to see what they do.

3. Wessex Holiday Scheme
Click Here to see what they do.

After Dinner Speech follows…

Well here we are the end of another year.
Brother Dave just called me a “has been”, and I thought – I can live with that, better than a never was.
But my thanks go to everybody, I feel humbled by the response to my appeal, and without your support nothing happens:
Whether it’s a BBQ, Skittles Night, Sponsored: Walks, Bike Ride, Slim, Snookathon – Raffles Summer Fete or Dutch Auction without the support of all members of the Order and Ladies Glade nothing gets raised. My thanks go to you all, but as Jan has said we’re always putting our hand out to the same people year after year.
That’s why I was determined to get support from outside the order. And I thank my son David and his partner Helen, who achieved that. My daughter Angela also gained external support and gave me moral support by accompanying me on my walk together with her husband Sean our eldest grandson Billy, not to forget Daisy the Dog! The little Border terrier with the shortest legs of all of us covered goodness knows how many more miles (we should have sponsored her by the mile).
And of course She Who Must Be Obeyed for her support. Not only does she have to put up with me being home all the time since I retired but the extra nights I was off around the bazaars. Indeed some weeks I was out so much I swear she started to believe the remotes we actually hers!

Now the total: £3700

As we have already donated a small sum to the Rainbow Centre, each of my 3 chosen good causes shall receive a cheque for £1200.

Cath from the Harbour Cancer Support
Irene from Kids
Mr & Mrs Jeffery – I’ve always had a thing for the Wessex, we supported them when I was President of the Knights’ Chapter.

Thank you all once again.
PGP 2015